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Supported Automation Tools

Please contact us if you wish to add your automation solution.

iTask Key Features

Centralized Management

You can assign remote tasks for each PC you define. For example, an RPA robot, Test application or a special Script you will write.

Cron Based Scheduling

Make your tasks forward-dated, one-time, or repetitive schedule with cronjob.


Define alerts for successful or unsuccessful tasks. Send notifications to platforms like Email, Slack ,Google Chat or Microsoft Teams

Logging and Analyze

The output of the tasks are stored on Elasticsearch and provide advanced analysis with kibana

Cross Platform

You can run your agents on windows, mac and linux computers from gui or cli

Multiple Agent And Task

Running multiple tasks simultaneously on multiple computers

Screenshot Of Faulty Jobs

You can take the current screen shot of the computer when a run task finishes incorrectly

Secure And Fast

The scripts you create are transmitted to agents with a secure connection and run quickly.

What is itask and what does it do?

All scripts we run from the iTask command line
allows you to run on a remote computer.In this way, you can assign a task to a remote computer for a certain period of time, analyze its output, and define a notification to yourself based on the result of the task.

How do i see logs details ?

You can view the task output details from kibana.
Kibana is an open source data visualization dashboard for Elasticsearch. It provides visualization capabilities on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster. Users can create bar, line and scatter plots, or pie charts and maps on top of large volumes of data.

Our customer using itask is now


Installed agent on the computer


Script added


Created task


  • Standart

  • $49Monthly
    • Only 1 agent
    • Unlimited Task
    • Unlimited Script
    • Up to 500 Jobs/month
    • No SLA or guarantees
    • Notification By Email
    • Community Support
    •  Shared Cloud Logs
    • File size per script 10 MB
    • Logs storage size 10 MB
    • Max Logs count 1.000

Most Popular
  • Professional

  • $199Monthly
    •  Up to 5 Agent
    • Unlimited Task
    • Unlimited Script
    • Up to 5000 Jobs/month
    • %90 uptime SLA
    • Notification By Email,Slack,Microsoft Teams,Google Chat
    • Email support
    • Shared Cloud Logs
    • File size per script 50 MB
    • Logs storage size 100 MB
    • Max Logs count 5.000

  • Business

  • $799Monthly
    •  Up to 20 Agent
    • Unlimited Task
    • Unlimited Script
    • Up to 20.000 Jobs/month
    • %98 uptime SLA
    • Notification By Email,Slack,Microsoft Teams,Google Chat
    • E-mail and phone support
    • Private Cloud Logs
    • File size per script 100 MB
    • Logs storage size 1024 MB
    • Max Logs count 10.000

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